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Information About the Article V Convention of States


Texas is the 11th state to call for an Article V amending convention of states!  Click here to read SJR2. 



Click on the graphic on the left to learn more about the concept of an Article V Convention of States, or click here.
Click on the pic to the right, or click here to read Governor Abbott's Restoring the Rule of Law - With States Leading the Way.  An Article V convention of states is the cornerstone of this process.  Or go to The Texas Plan on his website.



Why do we need a convention of states?

Federal power is out of control.  Taxes and regulation are encroaching into all areas of life in America.  What recourse do we have?

  1. Elect federal offficials that will rein in the national government.

  2. Hope that the supreme court will stop legislating from the bench.

  3. Elect a President that will stop issuing executive orders.

  4. Continue to sue the federal government when it oversteps its boundaries, and hope that the Supreme Court will side with the states.

None of these methods are happening or working. 

The people of the United States need to work through their state legislatures to call for a convention of states that will propose conostitutional amendments that will rein in the power of the federal government – NOW.




What can I do?

Let your state legislators know that you favor legislation that calls for a convention of st