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Elections - 2020

Important Dates:

Republican National Convention - location TBD, August 24 - 27, 2020

Last Day to register to vote for the General Election  - October 5, 2020

General Election and Amarillo Bond Election early voting  - October 13 - 30, 2020

General Election, Amarillo Bond Election  - November 3, 2020


Click here to go to the Randall County Election Administration website.


Click here to go to the Texas Secretary of State Voting website. 


Click here to see Amarillo bond election information


Click here to see bond election sample ballots.


Click here to see precint map.



Local and State Voter Information

Randall County Election Administration - has sample ballots, polling locations, important dates, registration information





On the left is the QR code for the Election Administration's website.  The web address is randallvote.com.










Texas state voter information














You can also use the MVP website to print off a personalized voter registration application that can be mailed to your local registrar.

Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrars


If you wish to be a Randall County Volunteer Voter Registrar:

Contact the Randall County Election Administration Office at 806-468-5539.



If you wish to be a Potter County Volunteer Voter Registrar:

Potter County Elections Administration is located at the Santa Fe Building, 900 S Polk, Suite 320.  Please contact Bobbye VanDyke at 379-2299 if you have questions.


Precinct FAQs

Q: Which Randall County Republican Precinct am I in?

A: Click here to go to the state voter registration site.  When you enter your information, it will provide your Randall County Precinct number.

A: Or, click here to see a Randall County Precinct map.


Q: Who is my precinct chairman?

A: Click here for a list of Randall County Republican precinct chairs.


Q: How do I contact my precinct chair?

A: If he or she does not have contact information on the website, you can click the email button and send a message, or contact our County Chairman Tim Revell.  Phone number and address are at the top of the page.