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Matt Martindale for Judge, County Court at Law 2


Matt Martindale for Judge, County Court at Law 2

Randall County


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During my 16 years as an attorney, I’ve learned that connecting with a first time offender in a genuine way can have a profound impact.  I believe in looking someone in the eye and treating them with respect. That action can be the difference between a first offender who leaves the system, or a first offender who becomes a repeat offender, clogs up our courts, changes the landscape of our community, and wastes our tax dollars.  

Every single person, plaintiff, defendant, colleagues and staff, deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, even in the most trying of times.

Conservative, Christian Values 


17 Years Experience in Criminal and Family Law 

Served as Assistant District Attorney for Gray, Roberts, Wheeler, Lipscomb, and Hemphill Counties. City Attorney for Lefors, Texas. Prosecutor. Criminal Defense Attorney. 


The Right Experience to Serve as Judge 

Contested/uncontested family law, Child Protective Services cases, prosecution, criminal defense and courtroom experience. 


My Promise 

I will put the needs of children and families first. Work to keep first time offenders from becoming 2nd and 3rd time offenders and wasting your tax dollars. Create a Veteran’s Court to treat our Veteran’s with the respect they deserve. 



Randall County Sheriff’s Association

Amarillo Police Officer’s Association

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

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