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Randall County Republican Checklist

People often ask what they can do politically that will make a difference.  Here is a list of simple yet effective things each of us Republicans in Randall County can do. 


1.  Register to vote.

2.  Verify that your address is correct at least one month before an election.

3.  Sign the Convention of States petition.

4.  Sign up for email updates from Randall County Republican Party.

5.  Like us on Facebook.

6.  Sign up for text alerts at www.rainedout.com.

7.  Vote.

8.  Tell a Randall County Republican friend to do these too.

9.  Join a local Republican organization.

10.  Check out the "How can I help?" page.


If you click on each part of the list, you will be taken to the part of the website that will help you with that item.